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James Tolkien

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Aantal berichten : 25
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Hogwarts ID
Schooljaar: Sixth year
Leeftijd: 16 years old

BerichtOnderwerp: James Tolkien vr sep 30, 2016 2:00 am

james tolkien

gryffindor // sixth year // sixteen

name. james
wilhelmina tolkien
dob. 21/02
pob. lynton, UK
nickname. jamie
age. sixteen
gender. female
sexuality. bisexual
house. gryffindor
[happy] Whomever meets Jamie would most likely describe her as a happy and bubbly girl. She usually wears a smile on her face and tries to see only the positive side of things. She likes joking around and is always in for a laugh. Jamie is the kind of person to try and make those around her smile as well.

[determined] When Jamie's mind is set to a certain thing, it is very hard to change it. Maybe it's her damn pride, but Jamie is incredibly stubborn and isn't one to give up on things quick.

[righteous] If there is one thing Jamie does not like, it's bullying. Whether it's about bloodstatus, looks or anything, nothing justifies tormenting others. Jamie is the kind of person to stand up for those who need it and isn't afraid to get in a fight, be it physical or magical. Consequently she doesn't mind getting punished for hurting bullies either, since it's only righteous.

[adventurous] If there are adventures to be had, you can be sure to find Jamie amid it all. She very much enjoys trying new things and having new experiences.

[brave] Jamie has always been a brave little thing. She's never been afraid of spiders or the like and doesn't mind getting dirty. When among friends, she's usually the first to try something new. She is not one to run away from a fight or any kind of danger or something and rather likes to put herself to the test.

Why Jamie was left behind when she was only a few hours old, is unknown. She was found by a guard in the middle of the night, when trains had long stopped running, in front of the wall of platform 9¾. It's because of this that it's assumed that Jamie's biological mother probably was a witch. After getting checked over in a nearby hospital, Jamie was declared healthy. Soon after, she was adopted by a gay couple, who had been wishing for a child for quite some time.

Jamie grew up a happy, sweet girl. She was always keen on helping her dads in and around the house and enjoyed spending her time with them. She didn't really have a whole lot of friends, since she was homeschooled and they kind of lived in the middle of nowhere. Though Jamie's dads couldn't be sure that Jamie was biologically from a wizarding family, they were ecstatic when she did show signs of being able to use magic when she was about four years old. (Though they would love her regardless of being a witch or not.)

The summer before her first year at Hogwarts, was almost completely spend by waiting on the roof, waiting for that owl which would bring Jamie her letter. She was excited beyond words when it did finally arrive and consequently forced her dads to go to Diagon Alley the exact same day to get books, robes and most important, her wand!

When the big day was finally there, she was already practically through the wall and on Platform 9¾, before her dads even had the chance to enter Kings Cross in the first place! She didn't board the train however, before bidding her dads a tearful goodbye. During boarding, when she was trying to find a spot, she met a somewhat chubby girl, named Robin Jones, with whom she hit it off almost immediately. She would later find her best friend in Robin.

father John Tolkien
38 yo. auror at the ministry of magic.
father Thomas Tolkien née Jones
37 yo. magizoologist specialised in thestrals.

bloodstatus unknown, believed to be at least halfblood.

+ Jamie's wand is made from red oak wood with a phoenix feather core. It's 12.5" long and reasonably supple.

+ Jamie owns a twelve year old, tabby Maine Coon named Bear. He isn't particularly fond of people and is generally seen as a mean and grumpy old cat by most who cross his path. The only person he seems to somewhat tolerate is Jamie. Because of this, even though Bear is the family cat, he always travels with Jamie to Hogwarts. Be wary, Bear scratches and bites!

+ Jamie's bloodstatus is currently unknown. She was adopted when she was a baby by a young gay couple, both of whom are fullblood wizards. She is, however, believed to be at least halfblood, as she was abandoned in front of the wall of Platform 9¾.

+ Jamie loves colouring her hair in different colours. It is very rare to see her with the same colour hair for longer than a week.

+ Jamie's patronus takes the form of a brown bear.


tolkien. wendy son. by ryann.


그 눈빛은 날 아찔하고 헷갈리게 해
your eyes take my breath away and confuse me
내 이성적인 감각들을 흩어지게 해
it makes my rational senses scatter away
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James Tolkien
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