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Frerin Cheshire

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Hogwarts ID
Schooljaar: Seventh year
Leeftijd: 17 years old

BerichtOnderwerp: Frerin Cheshire ma okt 03, 2016 11:54 pm

frerin cheshire

slytherin // seventh year // seventeen

name. frerin cheshire
dob. 15/09
pob. great chatwell, UK
nickname. frey, frerry
age. seventeen
gender. male
sexuality. homosexual
house. slytherin
blood. muggleborn

[determined] The words 'giving' and 'up' in that order do not exist in Frerin's dictionary, except in a Linkin Park song. When he sets his mind to do something, you can be sure as hell he'll see it through to the end, regardless of the obstacles that may be on his way. Even if he fails at something, it doesn't deter him from trying again.

[ambitious] Always striving towards that one goal, Frerin is quite the ambitious person, especially when it comes to music. When reaching one goal, he always sets himself another. He doesn't mind working his butt off and will do his utmost best at nearly everything.

[perfectionist] Frerin usually isn't satisfied with anything but the best to his ability. And even then, he is often of opinion that it could be better. He is critical about results he gets and believes there isn't much room for mistakes.

[humorous] Though Frerin may sometimes seem like quite a serious person, especially when it comes to music, he really isn't. Frerin loves joking around and cracking jokes. He is sarcastic and enjoys laughing and making others laugh as well.

[social] Frerin isn't shy at all and enjoys a good conversation with the right person. He is curious about people and is good at listening to others. He enjoys making new friends.

[competitive] Being born into a family with four other brothers, Frerin grew up very competitive. He likes winning at anything and hates to lose.

Frerin was born into a rather large farmers family in Cheshire, England. His personality became very clear, very early on. Because of his strong determination he skipped crawling all together and started walking by the time he was seven months. He started saying words at quite a young age as well.

Growing up with four older brothers, Frerin grew up quite competitive. He was always trying to fight for his parents' attention and always tried his hardest to win at every game they played. One day, when he saw his older brother Dwain play the piano, he decided he wanted to do so as well. This is where Frerin's initial love for music began. In the years that followed, Frerin did not only learn how to play the piano, but also the guitar and drums.

There came a time he started writing small pieces of music. Playing all the instruments and singing himself, he recorded them and put them on YouTube. Receiving mostly positive feedback, Frerin soon realised that becoming a musician was his number one dream.

When Frerin was eleven, he auditioned for a high school that focused on arts, among them being music. He got accepted and Frerin was absolutely psyched. That was, until summer holiday rolled around and there suddenly stood a unknown, kind of weirdly dressed man at their frontdoor. The man told Frerin and his family of the existence of magic and wizards and that Frerin got accepted to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

To say Frerin was shocked and a bit bitter about everything, is a big understatement. If anyone would've asked what Frerin was thinking back then, he would have answered that all his dreams just got destroyed. Regardless, Frerin got help buying books, robes, a wand and other essentials on Diagon Alley and was put on the train towards Hogwarts, where he was sorted in Slytherin.

Several years passed and over the course of time Frerin realised he could combine music and magic and his dream of becoming a musician returned full force.

father George Cheshire
53 yo. livestock holder and farmer.
mother Sophia Cheshire née Lenon
53 yo. stay-at-home-mom.
brother Brennon Cheshire
31 yo. physics teacher.
brother Dwain Cheshire
26 yo. gaming youtuber/streamer.
brother Lyndon Cheshire
22 yo. psychology student.
brother Ollin Cheshire
20 yo. journalism student.

bloodstatus muggleborn

+ Has a grey Little Owl named Charcoal. As the name would indicate, he's rather tiny which is why he rarely brings in packages too big.

+ His wand is made of aspen wood with a unicorn hair core. It's 13 ¾" long and with reasonably supple flexibility.

+ Frey can play the guitar, drums, piano and likes to sing. He also has quite a hand in writing music.

+ Frerin's parents are both muggles. So are his four older brothers.

+ Despite being the youngest, Frerin is the tallest among his brothers, standing at an impressive 1.83m.


cheshire. jae park. by ryann.

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Frerin Cheshire
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