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Robin 'Indiana' Jones

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Hogwarts ID
Schooljaar: Sixth year
Leeftijd: 17 years old
Partner: Hurry, run over here and hug me tight.

BerichtOnderwerp: Robin 'Indiana' Jones do sep 29, 2016 3:36 pm

we'll never be royals it don't run in our blood

Name Robin 'Indiana' Jones
Nicknames Robby, Rob, Ro, Indiana, Indie, Miss Jones
Age 17 year
House Hufflepuff
D.O.B 8th May
P.O.B London sub-urbs, U.K
Ethnicity British with eastern lineage
Sexuality Hetero
Mixed lineage.

Outside Robin has a very fair complexion. Her skin is extremely white, usually with a little pink blush on the apples of her cheeks. She has a small nose and squishy small lips. Her eyes are fairly big and are a blue-grey-green that stands out a lot. She has dark ebony hair which she sometimes dyes a lighter brown for the fun of it. She is about 1.65cm tall and weighs approximately 49kg which is not much.

Robin is a fan of make-up and the different creative things you can do with it. She however likes to keep things simple with bright colours on her eyelids and lips or sometimes just natural earthy colours.

Inside Robin Indiana Jones is a very optimistic, caring, happy-go-lucky person that has two big fetishes: Stawberries (strawberry milk) and sewing, shopping and creating/crafting. She is very open about her life and likes going out with friends/talking about boys etc. especially with her best friend Jamie McCoy. She is very creative and original and always likes to decorate all of her stuff, she likes to make things personal.

She is a bit clueless however. For example if you don't like her. She will probably keep pushing for you and her to be friends. She can be a bit annoying at times... Another example is when you happen to like her, she won't easily notice. You probably have to say it to her directly before she will indeed understand what you are saying.
Staff properties Larch wood with a dragon heartstring core, 10 ¼. Fairly flexible.

Currently known spells
[x] Avis [CREATE]
[x] Incendio [CREATE]
[x] Muffliato [CEASE]
[x] Finite Incantatem [CEASE]

History Robin Indiana Jones was born into a big family. There was her mother, father and three older brothers. Robin, being the youngest of the bunch and the only girl, was always spoiled by her mom and oldest two brothers while she always fought with her youngest brother.

Her father and oldest brother were both wizards who had attended Hogwarts before her while her mom and other brothers were muggles. Living in a magically mixed family was pretty chaotic, especially because her older brother would often use magic in front of her other brothers which often led to big fights and Robin crying in the process.

Despite how Robin looks now, she used to be quite the ugly duckling. She had braces, thick long black hair, a baby white face and glasses. Besides, she was quite plump in her younger years with big assets for which she was ashamed. At age 11, Robin went to Hogwarts and attended her first year. She was bullied a lot by both slytherin and Ravenclaw attendees who called her a fat piggy and often the ghost of Hufflepuff because of her ghostlike appearance. She had a lot of trouble making friends during her first year, actually, the only friend she made was a girl she met on the platform while boarding the train, a girl from Gryffindor named Jamie McCoy.

Jamie was the reason why Robin didn't quite Hogwarts all together. And for the first two to three years she and Jamie were inseparable, quickly becoming best friends for life; BFF's. After year four Robin had decided that over summer break she would try and lose weight, not because of the losers who made fun of her, but because she herself felt bothered by it. It was then at the beginning of year 5 that Robin started her year while looking fab. Her braces were gone trading them for pearly white teeth, her glasses were gone as well trading them for her pretty green-blue eyes. And most importantly Robin lost almost 10kg over summer break by running, resulting in a small waist and lean muscles where her fat used to be.

Suddenly boys were interested in the newly carved Robin. Robin, whose personality didn't change a bit, didn't care about boys at the time and always stayed true to herself. She gained a few friends, but never stopped being BFF's with Jamie the one who sticked with her even when she didn't look the way she did now. Somebody who saw her for who she was on the inside, never judging; a true friend.
© hyacintho of GS

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Robin 'Indiana' Jones
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