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Mark Ninomiya

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quidditch captain

quidditch captain

Aantal berichten : 112
IC posts : 4

Hogwarts ID
Schooljaar: Seventh year
Leeftijd: 18 years
Partner: I will taste your lips and feel your skin, don't run just kiss me slowly.

BerichtOnderwerp: Mark Ninomiya di sep 27, 2016 7:33 pm

[ a phoenix in the fire ]
So kiss me on the mouth and set me free
But please don't bite
You can coax the cold right out of me
Drape me in your warmth
The rapture in the dark puts me at ease
Name Mark Ninomiya
Nicknames Makky, Markymoo, Marky, Mah
Age 18 year
House Ravenclaw
D.O.B 16th of July
P.O.B Osaka, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese-British mix.
Sexuality Hetero
Pure lineage

Outside Mark is 1.82m and weighs about 74kg. Mark has a fair complexion, very white pearly skin and thick yet trimmed dark brown eyebrows. His eyes are a dark honey with little specks of gold in them. His lips are... kissable? Because Mark is partially Japanese his eyes are slightly slanted and are hidden underneath thick glossy eyelashes.

Inside Mark is a nice guy, honestly. He is kind of a ladies man (he tries to be) and can be quite charming when he wants to.

He's easily bored and likes to fill his time with reading or by doing any kind of sports. He loves quidditch and practices a lot for it, his grades never tend to suffer because of it though.

Mark is nice, although a bit cynical and playful. He sometimes, however, takes his jokes too far and ends up hurting somebody. At first he will probably act all cool about it, but will feel guilty later.

Last but not least, Mark likes pushing himself to the limit, and sometimes expects others to do the same. This is why he can get angry easily when people just give up or are lazy about something. He also tends to get dissapointed whenever Asher doesn't push himself hard enough.
Staff properties Blackthorn wood with a unicorn hair core, 12''. Unyielding.

Currently known spells
★ Confundo [AFFECT]
★ Protego Totalum [PROTECT]
★ Amnesia [FORGET]
★ Expecto Patronum [DEFLECT]

History Mark was born into a small loving family in Japan. His mother was a British woman and his father a Japanese man and one night, they were basically horny and hey guess what no protection? And BOOM there was a little Mark. No but in all seriousness, Mark wasn't planned but still loved all the same. Four years later, his little brother Asher was born... Yay? Anyhow Mark was sent off to well basically Japanese Hogwarts; Mahou tokoro at seven, although he didn't board until 11.

He was quick on his feet, made good friends, and some good enemies as well. At the age of 11, Mark got into the Quidditch team, which is a very good team with a high reputation. They are this good because they often had to practice above rowdy seas and also had to watch for airplanes that went slightly off course. Mark basically had a good time during all of his years at Mahou Kotoro and was slightly angered when his mom told himself and his younger sibling that they had to move because of a job opening at the ministry of magic for her. Just when he was promoted quidditch captain as well! O bugger, off to Hogwarts the school where the boy who lived learned magic. Yahoo.

So now Mark is in his seventh, and last year and although he and his brother have just transferred here he's already trying out for quidditch captain of Ravenclaw. He needs to get his life back together, and fast because being the 'new asian kid' is not a very nice nickname to have.

,,Search across the oceans, For who you are been lost for too long
Searching for a secret, In coming home we find we have all we need''
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Mark Ninomiya
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