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Asher Ninomiya

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Hogwarts ID
Schooljaar: Fourth year
Leeftijd: 14 years old

BerichtOnderwerp: Asher Ninomiya ma sep 26, 2016 11:12 pm

asher ninomiya

ravenclaw // fourth year // fourteen

name. asher ninomiya
dob. 18/04
pob. osaka, JP
nickname. ash, asher
age. fourteen
gender. male
sexuality. bicurious
house. ravenclaw
blood. pureblood
[adventurous] Asher is not afraid of the unknown and would rather research it and find out more about it. He is generally not known for shrinking back from what possibly could lead to some kind of great adventure.

[curious] Asher is basically curious about nearly anything. He takes great pleasure in learning new things, making him a good student overall. Asking too many question has become a habit hard to break. Asher likes discovering things himself as well, adding to his adventurous nature.

[friendly] Asher could literally not hurt a fly. He cares a lot about the well-being of people that are close to him. But don't get him wrong, for he cares just as much about strangers. He is polite and attentive as a rule and enjoys meeting new people. Asher is loyal and honest. He feels like helping others is only a normal thing to do as a person.

[intelligent] A true Ravenclaw, their really is nothing wrong with Asher's brain. He is wise for his age and is good in solving problems and puzzels, even when under pressure. Being a curious little thing, he likes to discover new things and likes learning new things.

[innocent] Still being quite young, Asher is still rather innocent. While he understands that not everything is good in the world, he likes to think it is. He is sweet and pure in his thinking. Because of this, Asher is somewhat gullible, making him rather quick in believing what others say, especially when these thing are being said by people he trusts.

[active] Asher has quite some trouble sitting still for long periods of time. He'd rather be out playing Quidditch or just being a busy bee in general. His need for adventure doesn't really help either.

Asher was born four years after his older brother Mark, in a small loving family in Osaka, Japan. His mother was a short, somewhat plump British woman, friendly to a fault. She had moved to Japan a few years before Mark was born for a job at the Japanese Ministry of Magic, soon after finishing her education at Hogwarts in England. Asher's father was a tall and lean man, especially for one of Japanese descent. An intelligent man, he started working at the Japanese Ministry of Magic in the research department after finishing his education at Mahoutokoro.

Asher had a good youth. He grew up in a warm environment with two loving and supporting parents, a big brother worthy of looking up to and anything he basically needed. When Asher turned seven, he started attending Mahoutokoro, as was custom for the Japanese School of Magic, flying back and forth every day to his home on the back of a flock of giant storm petrels. It didn't take rocket science (something muggle related) to see Asher's affinity with magical creatures of all kinds.

When Asher turned eleven, he was allowed boarding at Mahoutokoro. Following his brother (and probably to his annoyance), Asher managed to get on the school Quidditch team. For a few solid years, he always tried putting his all in training all the while managing his schoolwork. All his troubles seemed to be for naught, however, when his mother informed her sons that they were moving to her homecountry of England. Apparently she had gotten a job offer which she just couldn't deny.

Though frustrated, Asher was a smart boy and knew there was simply nothing to be done about the situation at hand. He accepted his fate and moved to England, together with his family. When a new schoolyear turned it's head, he got an acceptance letter from Hogwarts to start the new year there.

father Fumihito Ninomiya
42 yo. ministry of magic research committee.
mother June Ninomiya née Dodderidge
39 yo. department of international magical cooperation.
brother Mark Ninomiya
18 yo. ravenclaw. seventh year student.

bloodstatus pureblood

Has a tabby cat named Neru, which is the Japanese word for 'sleep'.

His wand is made of maple wood with a phoenix feather core. It's 11" long and with surprisingly swishy flexibility.

On his mother's side, Asher is a relative of Daisy Dodderidge. She was witch that lived around 1500. She also build the Leaky Cauldron.

Asher is a big fan of the Toyohashi Tengu and the National Japanese Team. He can often be seen donning their colours and wearing their merchandise.

When Asher finishes school, he wants to be either a professional Quidditch player or a Dragonologist.

Asher's favourite subject in school is by far Care of Magical Creatures. He also really likes the Study of Ancient Runes.

Asher got his first toy broomstick when he was two years old. It's a memory he holds very close and dear to him.


ninomiya. chen le zhong. by ryann.

voice ▿ theme ▿ about

暗い暗い夜, 待っている 夜明けを じっと 嗚呼
on this dark, dark night, I’m waiting for dawn to come, in utter stillness
今日も, 彷徨い歩いているばかり
today too, here I am, wondering around
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Asher Ninomiya
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