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Hazel Nukem

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Hogwarts ID
Schooljaar: Fifth year
Leeftijd: 16 years old
Partner: -

BerichtOnderwerp: Hazel Nukem vr sep 23, 2016 6:59 pm

Hazel Nukem
I've been too numb to understand. Can't feel your heartbeat when I'm lying on your chest
In general
Name: Hazel Nukem
Meaning: A girl whose beauty lies both within and without, her image brings grown men to their knees, her kindness and complexity keep them there indefinitely.
Gender: Female
Age: 16 years old
Blood: Pureblood
Sexual orientation: Straight, experimented though
Date of birth: 4th of September
House: Slytherin
Year: Fifth
Wand: Yew - Rougarou hair - 9 inches - Pliant
Patronus: -

Hair color: Lightbrown with natural blonde highlights
Hair style: Very long hair, most of the time messy and loose, sometimes in a high ponytail
Eye color: Guess trice.. Hazel
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 51kg
Build: Very slender, maybe too slender, almost skimpy. She has little, almost none feminine curves but yet she is often rated as 'hot' and 'attractive'. Her face is very striking because of her brightly marked jawlines.
Clothes: When not in school uniform she likes to dress in comfortable, dark colored clothes wich makes her look a bit tough. But she can also dress herself up if she wants to and even use some makeup.

Good traits:
Honest - Smart - Enthousiast - Adventurous - Passionate
Bad tratis:
Mildly brutal - Reckless - Judgy - Flirt - Liar - Categorizer

Company - Long nights - Smoking - Jewelry - Adrenaline - Independance
Opinions on her lifestyle - Female threat - Rejection - Domineering

Personality in depth:
Look at her, with those sweet, innocent eyes. You'd say she knows nothing about the world and you'd be right. And wrong at the same time. Hazel is a master in keeping things hidden, especially things going on in her past. She makes up stories you'd blindly believe. But she is smart, she is outrageous, she thinks ahead and knows how to play people against eachother with at the end: benefit for herself. She knows what she wants and when she wants is, and you better not try to tell her otherwise.
A true friendschip with Hazel is rare, even if you think the one you have is real. Most of the time she wears a mask, looks like a small and friendly girl, but before you know she has wrapped you around her finger and takes advantage of you. She isn't scared of crossing the line, not with other students, not with the rules of the school. But don't be scared, if you eventually obtain a deep bond with her, she'd go through fire for you. But yeah.. The question remains: Do you know her for real?

Parents: Franklin Nukem & Gigi Nukem
Siblings: Two brothers, Gael & Mason

Family in depth:
Hazel is the youngest of three children from the family Nukem. Both her parents have the gift of magic, wich makes her and her brothers a pureblood. Her mother and father are two of the few people who still live with the thought that the things You-Know-Who did were good. Her great-great grandfather was a death eater and in the family Nukem he was a man everyone looked upon. The good things he did were stories that went on from generation to generation and wich everyone was influenced by. The quorum Nukem all possess a whiff off evil beacause of the nurture and influences they got.

It's because of those influences that there were alot of problems in the household Nukem. They had extreme high expectations of their children who all were sent to Hogwarts. This because of the status of the regard of Pureblood they have to keep high. Only in the summer vacation they were allowed to come home. So they saw their children only two months a year. And when they were home it wasn't all sweetness and light. Far from. Her father was unjust and abusive towards his children because he thought they had to learn lessons in life the hard way. And when he teached his children this lesson, his mother stood him by and watched him do it. Towards his wife he as a very kind and loving man, because they shared the same reasoning. So when Gael and Mason graduated from Hogwarts they immediately left the household and Hazel was left behind on her own. She now has started her fifth year on Hogwarts and if you ask her, a year can't be long enough. Differet from much students going home is the thing she likes the least.

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Hazel Nukem
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